Labyrinth Mall

A very small CYOA
(Carrd your own adventure)

Made by MundaneSalad in June, 2014.
Digitized February, 2021 after being found in a shoebox.

Labyrinth Mall

Greetings shoppers!
You find yourself in the mall. You wanted to go to the department store to purchase a new bedspread, but forgot they just renovated to include a winding maze and a minotaur.

You wait around in the Sunglass Hut.
You wait for hours.

You yell for help. A minotaur in a security uniform promptly finds you and eats you.
(ending A)

You check out the duvet. Score!

...BUT you're still stuck in this death-trap of a shopping mall. A shopping maul, if you will.

You wander into the labyrinth, desperately trying to find an exit.
Aren't there supposed to be fire escapes?!?

Using your supplies, you construct a rope and tie it to a pole. You are able to find your way back to the parking lot.
(ending b)

You duck into a Sunglass Hut. Maybe the minotaur won't find you if you wear a disguise.

This duvet has 480 threads per square inch. This could be useful information.
You notice the walls are ever changing and the deals are out of this world?!!

You join the mall survivors. Days pass. Months pass. You win the hearts of the people, and they elect you leader of the labyrinth mall castaways!
Lucky you.
You lead your crew courageously, and eventually you make it back to the parking lot.
(ending C)

You continue shopping. You're too afraid to leave the department store and you live the rest of your life in the mattress department.
(ending D)

You are finally rescued by a traveling pack of shoppers.
They don't know where the exit is, however.

You loot the Sunglass Hut.
You find $312, 2 frozen dinners, and waaaaay too many empty glasses frames. There's also a bin full of those chain-things that old ladies put on their glasses to keep from loosing them

You reject the mall survivors. They do not take this lightly.
They call upon the minotaur to eat you!
(ending E)

You have survived the Sunglass Hut by eating only money and sunglassess.